Don't just take our word for it that these gloves are the best value on the course.  These are real testimonials from actual Cheap Golf Gloves customers!

Bought 2 of the "better" gloves. Nicely constructed and feel really good. They do everything a good glove should do. 6 bucks for a leather glove is like having a time machine. If they hold up durability wise, they will be my go to glove.
- A satisfied customer in Florida

Been using the gloves for a few weeks now. Surprisingly they turned out to be a great glove. Even after sweating it up real good in this California heat, the gloves showed no signs of shrinking. I actually bought 5 more after the first week of use. Thank you for selling an affordable product that actually stands up to the rhetoric.

A satisfied customer in California


 I’ve played several rounds in some pretty intense heat this summer and my first one has still held up! Great gloves! 

A satisfied customer in Florida

I used the glove yesterday and love the feel! They are worth a try and purchase! I highly recommend this glove, especially for the price!
- A satisfied customer in California